Who We Are

Anglers passionate about local fisheries

Our Mandate

SVSFE is dedicated to working by the mandate of conducting fisheries research, enhancement and education.

Education – to produce and distribute information designed to educate the general public on the methods, needs and advisability of preserving and improving habitat for game fish species

Research & Enhancement – to encourage, fund and undertake scientific research with a view to the enhancement of game fish habitat

Fundraising – to conduct fundraising ventures to promote fisheries enhancement, research and education.

Our History

Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement Inc. is one of the oldest sport fishing groups in the Western Region, formed in 1985 and incorporated in 1987. It all began with a group of individuals interested in bettering their local fisheries. They often held fishing derbies, organized and assisted in fish transfers and provincial stocking, purchased fish to stock for local lakes, installed docks to improving angling access, and held fishing seminars.

Today, this non-profit volunteer group still shares the common passion for fishing but has advanced by having project technicians and volunteers actively involved more in fisheries management activities. SVSFE is dedicated to working by their mandate and this passion has spread throughout the community, with new partnerships being created every year.

SVSFE has been recognized for these efforts from both provincial and federal levels;

In 1997, a recipient of the “Canada Recreational Fisheries Award”

In 2014, received the “Sustainability in Water and Natural Area Stewardship” under the Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award.


Currently the group is made up of 4 executive members and 14 directors who are focused on SVSFE’s mandate.

Current Executive
President: Todd Yakielashek
Vice President: Matt Harris
Treasurer: Cheryl Dahl
Secretary: Matt Forbes


  • Duane Whyte
  • Phil Yakielashek
  • Darby Blazenko
  • Elgin Barnett
  • Krista Smolinski
  • Tammy Forsachuk
  • Matt Strate
  • Brandon Stock


  • Holly Urban – Fisheries Technician
  • Brock Koutecky – Fisheries Technician

Each year new and old members renew or become apart of the organization by purchasing a ticket to our annual banquet and every year members are invited to become directors at our Annual General Meeting in March. Becoming a director enables you to directly influence sport fishing in the Swan Valley area. If you love fishing and want to take part in SVSFE activities, you can start by becoming a SVSFE Director, Member or Volunteer! There are various ways to contribute and every helping hand makes a difference.

Some examples are:

  • Joining the executive and become active in group activities
  • Sharing feedback on our local fisheries; submit angler surveys, daily catches & tagged fish returns
  • Becoming a member by purchasing a banquet ticket and attending our annual fundraiser. Members are welcome to meet and bring forward ideas for sport fishing to our executive
  • Share experiences & knowledge in fisheries practices, research, management
  • Volunteer or Partner on projects! There are many ways to give back: fundraising events, participate in research, enhancement & education activities; transfer projects, stocking, youth fishing days, fish camp, installing docks, improving trails, promotional activities, the list goes on.


Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement hosts their Annual Banquet the last Saturday of April. Each year, community and non-community members show tremendous support with the night typically selling out at 600 members. The meal includes a shore-lunch style “all you can eat” walleye dinner, along with whole smoked pork and a selection of delicacy fish. Guests enjoy an evening of…. games of chance, stories at the bar, visiting various displays, bidding on auction items, investing in various raffles, but most importantly – discussing the up-and-coming open-water angling season. The highlight of the evening is announcing the winner of the Boat Raffle. Each year the group sells tickets offering a chance to win a Lund fishing boat, trailer and motor. Visit the “Banquet” page to find out more information on this year’s event. This social gathering is fun for all ages, and always anticipated by all SVSFE directors and volunteers.

External Funding

In 2009, the group started accessing external funding more frequently to operate the projects portion of the organization. With fisheries related grants now available, SVSFE has been able to have seasonal technicians/staff carry out various projects, research and educational activities. By incorporating the love for fishing in our valley and encouraging families and individuals to explore and experience what our fisheries have to offer is how this group truly succeeds.

The main financial support for SVSFE’s project work is through external funding. The extent of SVSFE’s integrated projects and programs would not be possible without these supporters. Funding is received on a project by project basis and continuous planning is essential.

Fisheries and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) The purpose of the fund is “supporting fish and wildlife initiatives, including projects, programs and studies designed to protect and increase fish and wildlife habitats and populations in Manitoba, and government fish hatcheries.” FWEF has been SVSFE’s main source of funding since 2009, awarding over $1,000,000 to SVSFE’s work. A reminder to anglers, when you purchase a fishing license in Manitoba, a portion of your fee goes to the fund to enhance Manitoba’s fisheries.

Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program (RFCPP) The program was “established to support multi-partner projects at the local level aimed at restoring recreational fisheries habitat in order to enhance the sustainability and productivity of Canada’s recreational fisheries”. SVSFE has received close to $60,000 from the program for spawning habitat improvement activities.

Service Canada – Canada Summer Jobs Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities. SVSFE has received funding for summer students for several years now.

Hunter & Angler Preservation Fund (HAPF) “The Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund (HAPF) is a voluntary program administered by the Manitoba Lodge and Outfitters Association (MLOA). The fund helps support causes that promote and preserve opportunities to hunt and fish in Manitoba, as well as supporting our non-profit operations and lobbying efforts. SVSFE received $4,800 towards the purchase of arctic char eggs for stocking of our local lakes.


Partnerships with other entities open opportunities and broaden the group’s knowledge, resources and ability to work efficiently and effectively. These partners help share the group’s initiatives and help recognize what can be accomplished through doing meaningful work to improve angling. Partners include:

  • Government agencies (Federal & Provincial)
  • Sport fish & game groups (ISFE, FLIPPR, etc)
  • Local Cottage Owner Associations (Blue Lk, Singush Lk, Child’s Lk, Glad/Wellman Lk, Whitefish Lk)
  • Local lodges & outfitters (Blue Lakes Resort, Wellman Lake Lodge)
  • Various organizations (Conservation District, Trapper’s Association, Snowmobile clubs)
  • Municipalities (Town of Swan River, Municipality of Swan Valley West)
  • Academic institutions (SVRSS, UCN, ACC, U of M)
  • Tourism Development (Swan Valley RISE, Roblin ED, Travel MB, Hooked Magazine)
  • The Community (various businesses)
  • And the growing list of individual volunteers.

Support us

You can support SVSFE’s initiatives by donating today! Most importantly, SVSFE is successful by incorporating the love for fishing in our valley and encouraging families and individuals to explore and experience what our fisheries have to offer. This is truly how this group succeeds.

“Giving Fish a Helping Hand”

Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement Inc.

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  • swanvalleysportfish@gmail.com

“Giving Fish a Helping Hand”