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SVSFE undertakes a variety of enhancement projects which include enhancing the fisheries themselves to enhancing the angling experiences and opportunities. The experience fishing has to offer is why anglers commit to the sport, whether its rain or shine, early or late, a quick drive or a mile walk-in backcountry lake. SVSFE wants anglers to enjoy their time spent in the area and that enhancement efforts ensure fisheries for the future.

Fish Stocking and Transfers

Since inception, SVSFE has been actively involved in stocking initiatives. Theses efforts vary from purchasing fish, rearing and transferring fish and by assisting MB Fisheries in stocking practices and management initiatives.

Fish Stocking

In 2015, SVSFE received funds from the Hunter & Angler Preservation Fund of $4800 to purchase arctic char eggs destined for Glad Lake. The Whiteshell Hatchery partnered on this project by raising char for 2 years from egg stage to fingerlings. In 2017, SVSFE successfully stocked 22,250 arctic char into Glad Lake and an additional 5,000 into Snail Lake. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for resident and non-resident anglers in the Parkland Area.

Sport Fish Introduction – SVSFE has been committed to lake exploration and creating new fisheries since initialization. SVSFE has a strong interest in creating unique fisheries to attract anglers to the area. Surveys are conducted to find suitable habitat/lakes for fish introduction. Current potential re/introductions include muskellunge in West Watjask Lake

Assisting Provincial Trout & Walleye Fry Stocking – SVSFE understands the importance of efficient stocking practices. For this reason, SVSFE aids Fisheries Branch with stocking whenever possible. This includes planning and carrying out stocking activities throughout the year. Members help in “scatter stocking” of trout in deeper, protective waters and stocking walleye fry in suitable nursery habitat.

Fish Transfers

Walleye Transfer – SVSFE, MB Fisheries Branch, Intermountain Sport Fishing and many others partner on a very popular project commonly referred as the “Beautiful Lake Walleye Transfer”. This project actively rears walleye in Beautiful Lake (displaying exceptional growth) and come fall, walleye are transferred to neighbouring lakes. This project is very popular, as it’s commonly explained as “creating instant walleye fisheries”.


Trout Maintenance – In many trout lakes, the increase of non-trout species has resulted in a demand for non-salmonid removals. These non-salmonid species include yellow perch, northern pike, white-sucker, and walleye, which prey or compete resulting in decreased trout survival and therefore decreased fishing quality in many popular trout lakes. Collectively, SVSFE and partners have designated removal programs on a handful of priority waterbodies using electrofishing and trap-netting catchment methods. At this time, intentions are to carry out annual to semi-annual maintenance programs until determined otherwise.

Visit the “Research” page to review various reports on stocking and transfers, plus review the “Stocking Reports” page to gain knowledge on recent stocking activities.

Enhancing Spawning Habitat

Quality fish habitat is vital to managing local fisheries. Throughout the years, SVSFE has worked closely with MB Fisheries Branch and partners to improve habitat to, in turn, improve fish populations.

Whitefish Lake Spawning Habitat Enhancement – Whitefish Lake is one of the most popular local fishing destinations and is one of the only self-sustaining fisheries in the area. Ensuring and protecting this fishery for future generations is one of SVSFE’s priorities. Through past studies, two main tributaries; North and Lagoon creek were identified as suitable spawning habitat for walleye and other species. Beavers create several barriers within the creeks on an annual basis and if unmanaged, this vital spawning habitat would be lost and inaccessible to fish. SVSFE has committed to protecting and maintaining this habitat through the Beaver Dam Management Program.

Wellman Lake Reef Enhancement – SVSFE has been very involved with management and enhancement efforts on Wellman Lake. Some in the area refer to it as the most studied lake in the world! Activities include; enhancement and monitoring of the famous spawning reef, evaluation of fish populations, tributary assessments, conducting various walleye spawning studies (telemetry studies), rearing walleye fry and adult walleye stocking. Truly, this is a lake the group has investigated time and money into and their efforts are beginning to pay off. This lake is a popular destination in the Duck Mountains and SVSFE we continue to monitor and enhance this fishery to its highest potential.

North Pine River Trout Habitat Enhancement
– In 1990, SVSFE raised funds to create more trout habitat in the middle reaches of the Pine River. A meandering pool and riffle profile was designed to enhance the natural straight channel. SVSFE with support from students in the Swan Valley School Division volunteered many hours to this project. The restoration provided diversified habitat for both rainbow and brook trout.

Visit the “Research” page to review various reports on the enhancement initiatives.

Enhancing Angler Experiences

Docks Program – Over the years SVSFE has installed angling docks throughout lakes in the Duck and Porcupine Mountains. These docks are intended to create better angling opportunities for shoreline fishing. Some popular ones include the T-Dock at Two Mile Lake and the Fishing Pier in Lagoon Creek at Whitefish Lake. Docks remain in place year-round, therefore mother nature can alter placement/conditions. Please notify SVSFE of any concerns.

– SVSFE has installed angling related signage throughout Porcupine and Duck Mountains. Olders signs have degraded over the years, lacked information or just didn’t exist in some of the more remote areas. Signage has provided anglers with contour data, targetable species present and enhancement work completed in recent years.

Trail Improvements – Access to remote lakes tend to degrade over the years of usage. SVSFE has worked to keep access open to popular fisheries. Recent improvements include development of a safer and wider winter access trail into Armit Lake (2017) and improvements to the Verrall Lake Trail after beavers had flooded surrounding areas (2015).

Data Sharing
– Over the years, SVSFE has collected a significant amount of data on local lakes, some of which includes contour and access data. SVSFE is proud to share this information with the public. With knowledge in hand, anglers can explore what the Parkland has to offer. Visit the “Go Fishing” page to explore your next fishing destination

“Giving Fish a Helping Hand”

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“Giving Fish a Helping Hand”