Meaningful work to improve angling

Research provides a proactive approach in managing, sustaining and enhancing the fisheries in our lakes, rivers and streams. SVSFE has taken on the initiative to pursue projects to understand and cooperatively help manage our fisheries with local fisheries managers and partners. Many projects require continual or rotational surveys to validate results and to obtain a better understanding of the state of the fishery. Some examples include; spawn assessments, fish population & lake surveys, recruitment surveys, maintenance programs and lake exploration for fish introductions. In the end, decisions are based on assessment results which lead to quality management decisions.  To summarize theses activities, reviews, final reports and general notices/articles are created in order to share the information with users. Below is a list of various media of these activities plus other initiatives the group has undertaken. In addition there are reports from other organizations/agencies have completed or partnered on in the area.  

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