Lake Winnipegosis

Lake Winnipegosis is approximately 537,000 hectares and is Canada’s eleventh-largest lake. The lake has multiple access points, many of which are suitable for launching large watercraft. Although primarily recognized as a commercial fishery, Lake Winnipegosis provides multi-species angling opportunities as well. Popular species throughout the system include; brown bullhead, common carp, freshwater drum, goldeye, white sucker, walleye, yellow perch, and northern pike. The most popular angling destinations are in and around the major tributaries which include the Overflowing River, Red Deer River, Shoal River, and the Mossy River. One of Manitoba’s most popular walleye fisheries also exists on the lake’s primary outflow – East and West Waterhen Rivers.

The lake has many potential access points including the Overflowing River, Dawson Bay, Red Deer River, Shoal River, Mossy River, East Waterhen River, and West Waterhen River. Additional information on access points can be found in the Lake Winnipegosis and Tributaries Access document.

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There is limited bathymetric data available for Lake Winnipegosis and its tributaries at the current time. See Navionics app.