2019 Trout Stocking
Lakes in the province of Manitoba are stocked annually with various species thanks to the provincial hatcheries such as the Whiteshell Hatchery: This is a review of the 2019 stocking that occurred in many of the Parkland Lakes surrounding the Swan Valley Area.
2019 Trout Stocking

Totals as of November 2019. Stocked trout range in size from 12-20 cm unless otherwise specified

Beautiful Lake: 500(adult) and 2500 brown trout, 4,900 rainbow trout

Black Beaver Lake: 5,000 brook trout, 2,500 rainbow trout

East Blue Lake: 17,850 rainbow trout

East Goose Lake: 2,500 rainbow trout, 2,600 brown trout

Grandview Pond: 2,000 rainbow trout

Gull Lake: 28,550 brook trout, 5,000 rainbow trout

Laurie Lake: 1,000(adult), 34,000(<10 cm), 30,000 brown trout

Perch Lake: 100(adult) brown trout

Persse Lake: 4,500 brook trout, 3,000 brown trout

Shilliday Lake: 1,500 rainbow trout

Snail Lake: 5,000 arctic char

Tees Lake: 3,000 rainbow trout, 6,100 brown trout

Twin Lake: 11,000 tiger trout

Two Mile Lake: 21,200 rainbow trout

Uncle Bobs Pond (Dauphin): 3000 rainbow trout, 50(adult) brown trout

West Blue Lake: 34,200 brook trout

West Goose Lake: 2,500 rainbow trout, 2,600 brown trout