Whitefish Lake

Whitefish Lake is 712 hectares with a maximum depth of 18.9 meters and a mean depth of 8.1 meters. Targetable fish species present are walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, lake whitefish, lake cisco(tullibee) and burbot. Whitefish is one of the top walleye fisheries for Swan Valley residents. This lake is a self-sustaining fishery which offers angling opportunities for both trophy pike and walleye. The diversity here keeps anglers out during open and hardwater seasons. Best walleye fishing is in the month of June, while the trophy pike are best targeted after ice out. Jumbo perch, lake whitefish and burbot fishing are also present but anglers may need to spend a little time fine tuning their strategies.

Whitefish Lake has 29 developed cottages and 81 basic service campsites(42 of which are seasonal) within the Provincial Park Campground. Features present include an established boat launch with docks, marina with parking, wheelchair accessible fishing pier, filleting shack, non-modern washrooms, playgrounds and beach area. More information on all services available within the campground can be under the “Learn More” page under Manitoba Parks.


Located 44.3 km from Swan River, MB on PR #279 in the Porcupine Provincial Forest.