Two Mile Lake

Two Mile Lake is 47.1 hectares with a maximum depth of 21.6 meters and a mean depth of 5.7 meters. Features present include an undeveloped boat launch with dock, 2 angling docks with benches, filleting station, non-modern washrooms and limited parking. Targetable fish species present include splake, rainbow trout, brook trout and yellow perch. Most anglers enjoy fishing off the legendary “T-Dock” with bobbers, lindy rigs, or casting small spoons. Boat motors are limited to electric motor only here, but when on the water try trolling or casting some flies. If a splake is hooked, it is requested you consider putting it back for managerial purposes. Splake exhibit aggressive piscivorous feeding habits which help maintain the perch populations in Two Mile. Yellow perch angling opportunities here are great way to spend the day with the kids for some non-stop action.

Located 57 km from Swan River, MB on PR #366 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park.