Twin Lake

Twin Lakes is 43.2 hectares with a maximum depth of 6.4 meters and a mean depth of 2.6 meters. Features present include an undeveloped boat launch, dock, non-modern washrooms, picnic area and parking. Twin Lakes is an aerated waterbody therefore open water hazards exist during the winter months. Tiger trout are the targetable fish species present. Twin Lake is a “FLIPPR Lake”, whose mandate is to develop, create and sustain an abundance of world class stillwater trout fisheries in the Parkland. This catch and release lake is part of the “Parkland Trout Triangle” and home to the top tiger trout fishery in the Province. Most of the Manitoba record tigers are caught at Twin Lakes. Boat motors are limited to electric motor only. More information on FLIPPR and Parkland Paradise can be found on the “Learn More” page.

From Roblin MB, on Highway 83, drive north for 42 km. Turn right at the Tees Lake Road sign. Drive 2 km down the gravel road, keeping north, until you reach the lake access on the found on the left-hand side of the road.