Snail Lake

Snail Lake is 53.6 hectares with a maximum depth of 12.5 meters. Targetable fish species present include arctic char and possible remaining sparr, many listed in the Master Angler record book.

**Due to the nature of difficulty regarding access on backcountry lakes, launch access areas are restricted to small watercraft only.


Located 70.7 km from Swan River, MB off of PR #365 in the Porcupine Mountain Provincial Forest. The distance from trailhead to Snail Lake is 10.5 km. The lake is accessible by canoe in the summer or by snowmobile in the winter months. There is no land summer trail to Snail Lake. The canoe route is strenuous and not recommended for novice paddlers. This snowmobile and/or portage trails are not maintained, and therefore fallen trees may complicate passage.