Pine River

The North Pine River (aka Pine River) is arguably the best stream trout fishery in the Duck Mountain Escarpment. The river is easily accessible and attracts anglers of all ages, who come to enjoy the unique angling opportunities and stunning landscapes. The river originates at Pine River Lake and meanders eastward within the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, and through a variety of private and crown lands before eventually flowing into Lake Winnipegosis south of Pine Creek First Nation. Angling opportunities exist throughout the system and up into the many feeder tributaries of the river. The areas found with the best trout fishing opportunities and habitat exist between the First Crossing and Fourth Crossing within the Duck Mountain Escarpment. Opportunities are known to exist east of the Duck Mountains, however private land and access complicates the question of opportunity.


The Pine River is accessed almost exclusively through the Pine River Road (Beaver Lake Road) and Pine River Trail. There are many access points along this route. See the Pine River Fishing Package for a summary of the fishery.. Additionally, review the data files and maps to plan your next trip.


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