Marge Lake

Marge Lake is 43.1 hectares with a maximum depth of 21.3 meters and a mean depth of 7.6 meters. Features present include a canoe/kayak/small boat access trail, dock with bench and limited parking. Walleye, northern pike and yellow perch are the targetable fish species present. As a recipient of the Beautiful Lake Walleye Transfer, Marge Lake has been stocked with walleye since 2010. Since then, SVSFE has monitored the fishery as part of a study focused on determining stock response and natural recruitment. Be sure to check out the “Research” page for more information on findings. Marge Lake offers great walleye action in areas of high cover such as thick patches of submergent vegetation. A few jumbo perch can be located here as well.

Located 79.1 km from Swan River, MB on PR #366 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. There is a small access trail marked with an angling sign on the west side of the road.