East Watjask Lake

East Watjask Lake is 76.7 hectares with a maximum depth of 10.9 meters and a mean depth of 3.7 meters. East Watjask is home to a very targetable yellow perch population. Because the lake receives such low fishing pressure the perch fishing can be non-stop action. Be sure to take a trip in winter as access is much easier and perch will be easily targeted.

**Due to the nature of difficulty regarding access on backcountry lakes, launch access areas are restricted to small watercraft only.


Located 72.7 km from Swan River, MB off Highway 83 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest. The distance from trailhead to East Watjask Lake is 9.75 km. A portion of the access road is Designated Route S and is often accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles. Lake access is most frequented by snowmobile in the winter. This road is not regularly maintained and often used for logging operations. Be sure to contact the nearest government office for updated information before using this road.