East Angling Lake

East Angling Lake is 149.3 hectares with a maximum depth of 11 meters and a mean depth of 3 meters. Targetable fish species present are walleye, yellow perch and northern pike. East Angling Lake is a popular angling destination, especially during the winter months. The lake was once known for jumbo perch until the early 2000’s when the fishery crashed as a result of overexploitation. The lake has never fully recovered; however, the lake still provides exceptional angling quality. East Angling Lake is known to home trophy sizes of walleye and yellow perch.

**Due to the nature of difficulty regarding access on backcountry lakes, launch access areas are restricted to small watercraft only.


Located 122 km from Swan River (36.5 from Roblin), MB off of Highway 83 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest. From the corner on Highway 83, turn off at PR 594 N and continue for 3.7 km. At the junction, turn east on PR 584 and follow signs for PR 584 N northeast for 14.7 km. Continue east 100 m on boundary road once 584 N turns south, to reach parking area for Designated Hunting Route L. The distance from trailhead to East Angling Lake is 8.4 km on Route L. ATV use is permitted on current designated routes under the Wildlife Act and Regulations.