Dauphin Lake

Dauphin Lake is 49,728 hectares with maximum depth of 3.7 m and an average depth of 2.4 m. Dauphin Lake has 7 major tributaries as follows: The Valley River, Turtle River, Wilson River, Vermilion River, Ochre River, Edwards Creek and Mink Creek. Dauphin Lake has a single outlet through the Mossy River which flows into Lake Winnipegosis. At each of these tributaries there are multiple shore fishing opportunities at the many bridges and crossings. There is multiple boat launches open to the public which include Methly Beach, Ochre Cut, Rainbow Beach, Sifton Beach, Turtle River, and the Valley River. Targetable species present include walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, brown bullhead, tullibee, sauger, burbot and many more. This lake is famous for its walleye fishery. This is a popular destination come ice fishing season. Anglers experience non-stop action jigging with live minnows. Come spring, switch it up a bit and try some leeches.

Dauphin Lake has many access points. For more information in the Dauphin Lake Summer Access and Dauphin Lake Winter Access documents.