Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is 21.8 hectares with a maximum depth of 12.9 meters and a mean depth of 4.8 meters. Features present include an undeveloped boat launch, dock, bench, parking and informative signage. Walleye and yellow perch are the targetable fish species present. Beaver Lake was once a popular trout destination however due to the increased perch population and limited trout stocking success, walleye were reintroduced in 2011. Walleye are stocked via the Beautiful Lake Walleye Transfer Program. Boat motors are limited to electric motor only. The bite is known to be best during dusk hours.


Located 59.7 km from Swan River, MB off of PR #366 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. The lake is located at along Designated Hunting Route Y, and is often accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles. This road is not maintained, and also part of a winter Snoman Trail. Sections of the road are not ideal and can become quite rutted when wet. Be sure to contact the nearest government office for updated information before using this old road.