Beautiful Lake

Beautiful Lake is 133 hectares with a maximum depth of 20.3 meters and a mean depth of 3.13 meters. Features present include an established boat launch, dock, filleting station, non-modern washrooms, parking and informative signage. Rainbow and brown trout are the targetable fish species present. You may find walleye angling opportunities here on occasion.

This lake occasionally winterkills, but in turn, this event has provided opportunities for exceptional growth on newly stocked fish. Master rainbows can be produced in two short growing seasons and anglers can expect a mighty fight. Angling around the main island and along the bulrushes on the south shoreline can produce some good bites. Not only does the lake offer great angling experiences but it provides a great environment for rearing walleye. On certain years, walleye are stocked in the spring as fry and transferred to recipient lakes as advanced fingerlings come fall. This is referred to the Beautiful Lake Walleye Transfer Program.


Located 91 km from Swan River, MB on PR #367 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park.