Chain Lakes

The Chain Lakes is a Canoe Route that travels throughout seven chains. Features present include a dock, parking, non-modern washroom(in parking lot only), information signage and backcountry campsites. The lakes are too small to build up any real wind or waves. The portages and campsites are minimally maintained. Portages are short, enabling access to a series of small sheltered lakes in the chain. There are four portages (40m, 200m, 115m and 50m) and three marked campsites. Anglers can also enjoy a short hike to the lookout to get a bird’s eye view. Great overnight potential for kid-friendly “roughing it” camping. Overnight campers must register at the Blue Lake campground office as backcountry campers for safety purposes. Boat motors are limited to electric motor only. Chain Lakes is 35.9 hectares with a maximum depth of 11.2 meters. Northern pike and yellow perch are the targetable fish species present. Pike anglers are never disappointed here and can find pike in the various basins through this system.

Located 75 km from Swan River, MB off of PR #366 in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park.